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Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 9 kHz to 3 GHz Keysight

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Fast spectrum analysis covering frequency 9 kHz to 3 GHz. 0.5 dB overall amplitude accuracy. Efficient AM/FM, ASK/FSK demodulation analysis suites for IoT transmitter characterization. 3 GHz tracking generator provides stimulus response measurement for component characterization. utomation and communication interface with industry standard SCPI language support and USB/GPIB/LAN connectivity choices.

Applications-General Purpose

  • AM/FM Tune and Listen
  • Analog Demodulation
  • SCPI Code Compatibility
  • Stimulus Response
  • ASK/FSK demodulation
  • EMI interference analysis
More Information
Manufacturer Keysight
Frequency 9 Khz to 3 GHz
Maximum Analysis Bandwidth 1 MHz
DANL @1 GHz -145 dBm
Phase Noise @1 GHz (10 kHz offset) -90 dBc/Hz
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